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We carry out a wide range of services including Loft Insulation, Boarding, Ladder and Hatch Installation as well as Skylight and Lighting installation services throughout Essex.


For most people, their loft is a barren storage space that they don’t dare enter. Completely unaware of its capability of being an effective layer of insulation... Read More

Loft Boarding

If you’re planning on using your loft for storage, you’ll want it to be safe and easily accessible. We can install boarding in your loft making it secure for storage... Read More

Skylight Windows & Lighting
Skylight Windows & Lighting

A brilliant way to allow more natural light into your property is with a skylight. This will allow sunlight to flood in, transforming your dark dingy loft into a more welcoming room... Read More

Loft Ladders

If you're planning on turning your loft into a storage area then you'll need a convenient way of accessing it. Installing a loft ladder will enable you to maximise the use of space... Read More

Loft Hatches
Loft Hatches

Our well designed hatches include a safe and easy to use ladder, available in a variety of sizes and weights, allowing you to conceal the access to your loft whilst keeping it easy to access... Read More

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