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Skylight Windows & Lighting

A fantastic way to bring more light into your property is with a skylight. This will allow sunlight to flood into your home, transforming your dark and dingy loft into a bright welcoming space.

Irving Skylight Windows & Lighting

Skylights come in a variety of styles and designs to suit your home. There are various window features to choose from such as locking options and opening mechanisms. Some windows swivel on a central hinge in the middle, whilst others may open and close from one end.

Adding a Skylight to your loft will not only brighten but will also turn what was once a dark and empty room into a great habitable space.

Irving Loft Solutions

If you are looking to add extra light to your loft but do not need a Skylight we can still help. We provide a variety of bulb lighting and installation services depending on your required lighting needs. Contact Irving Loft Solutions today.

If you need to customise the space in your loft, contact Irving Loft Solutions. You can benefit from a range of customisation options from our experienced engineers. Call us to discuss your requirements today.

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